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Professional Headshots

onsite at your office & on-location at your exhibition/tradeshow


It's pretty simple. We take a professional team and a top of the range portrait studio kit, adapted for mobility, to your office and shoot your staff. 

Everyone will have a professional portrait image to replace poor quality photos or unprofessional selfies that are quite likely online damaging your brand.

  • end to end project managed process
  • prep & booking email templates, branded staff registrations
  • digital images for internal use: Outlook/Lotus, intranet etc.
  • digital images for external use: Web, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • branded, secure online galleries & smartphone apps

Sample brand risk reports/business case justifications can be created on request.


It's really clever. The same set-up that corporate staff get except now we're setting up as part of your exhibition booth at a conference/trade-show. Add branded HD displays, registration and social media sharing tablets. Get ready for a large queue!

Your event team, armed with sign-in and social sharing tablets, get ample time with visitors who leave with something useful and memorable - a great new headshot.

  • optionally branded headshots, sign-in & social sharing tablets, follow-up email, online galleries and smartphone apps
  • increased marketing reach beyond event, through attendee social network posting live at the event
  • valuable time for real conversations and far more of them
  • beats sponsoring the pens or handing out rubbish

Upcoming Events

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About Us

Ian and Lenka are the founding team behind

Marrying both our backgrounds, one in IT consulting & marketing for software brands and the other in professional portrait photography, results in the Corporate Headshots offering launched in March 2016. We already have a portrait studio in Clane, Co. Kildare ( but had wanted to offer a corporate and events service for some time. We had also seen it sucessfully working in the US, where a pro headshots booth from Two Dudes Photo in San Francisco repeatedly steals the show at US tech conferences. Watch the great video from the Two Dudes on the right (on PC) or below (on mobile).

We tested the local appetite at a perfect first event, the 2016 Social Media Summit at the Aviva in March 2016 and were thrilled when almost half the attendees  queued up for just shy of one hundred headshots.

We're joined now by a talented team and look forward to improving brand performances be it online or at-expo.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more or better still come see us at upcoming events and experience it live.


Contact Us

info (at)

Ph: 0867968604

Twitter: @Corpheadshots


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